From Paris with love:*


First time I fell in love with Paris. Some pics from when I was travelling. I miss that city so much… That’s way I thought of uploading these pics for my first entry in this blog.


And now a little about me because it’s rude  not introduce myself. I’m  Alexa, a girl from Romania who likes to write about a lot of things. I had to contemplate so many time about starting this blog, you know I’m worried about what other will think about my ideas, but I had to start somewhere, so this is it.


Last year, I had the most wonderful adventure. My boyfriend and I went on a trip through Europe, we had to live in a van, but it worth it. This experience changed my life and my perspective about the world. I found interesting people, I learned the habits from each country, specific dishes, etc. So in the first pages of this blog I will try to share my adventure with you.

I hope you will like the stories that I’m about to tell you. I will write as often as I can.

Please wish me luck :*

P.S. Let me know in the comment section which is the city that you love the most or you want to visit and why.

About alecsandra4

Hi, everybody! I am Alexa, girl blogger wonder, just kidding, I like comics :). I'm from Romania, a beautiful and little country in Europe, actually it's not that little but I like it . Better known as the country of Dracula and beautiful girls ;) I like to think that life is an adventure that must be enjoyed (YOLO!). That's why I like to travel, meet new people everyday, learn many languages and habits from different countries. I also enjoy reading and writing... but it will have some serious articles ( I have that side too, i'm not just sunshine) - like news, reviews, social media, fashion and lifestyle etc. That's why I created this blog. Hope you will enjoy it! :) Let's have fun together!
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2 Responses to From Paris with love:*

  1. noeldc13 says:

    hi amica im new here 🙂


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