Art of Carlos-Quevedo



Meet Carlos Quevedo, a young graphic artist from Valencia, Venezuela. He started as an illustrator in advertising, but now he is creating his own style.

Combining mythology and theology, he succeeded in bringing to life  ancient gods, warriors and angels so we can marvel at there beauty.

I love his creations because it  gives life to all of my favorite mythological characters like Raphael, Gabrielle, the story of Eden and many other angels.




Warror Ange Gabrielle


Eden II

For more of his creations, visit

About alecsandra4

Hi, everybody! I am Alexa, girl blogger wonder, just kidding, I like comics :). I'm from Romania, a beautiful and little country in Europe, actually it's not that little but I like it . Better known as the country of Dracula and beautiful girls ;) I like to think that life is an adventure that must be enjoyed (YOLO!). That's why I like to travel, meet new people everyday, learn many languages and habits from different countries. I also enjoy reading and writing... but it will have some serious articles ( I have that side too, i'm not just sunshine) - like news, reviews, social media, fashion and lifestyle etc. That's why I created this blog. Hope you will enjoy it! :) Let's have fun together!
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