Gala Stories (the FB game) Review


Hello, everybody!

I choose Gala Stories game because I play it for over a year and I really like it and I play it daily. So let’s start the review! 😉

First, it started like a common fashion game: customizing character, change and buy new clothes, change make-up, hairstyle, etc. I thought that will be all, but the game proved full of surprises!


The Closet



It turned into a real beautiful story: I started have a rival fashion designer who I had to defeat, I had to go to Asia to meet the phantom of my grandmother for creating an extraordinary dress, I also met Santa Clause, Grinch, witches, pirates, fairies and many other extraordinary characters. That’s the reason why I like this game. It always surprises me!

the ghost

Meet Hilaria’s ghost, the malefic queen!



Also, I like that I can custom my character when I want and I can choose from a huge variety of clothes, accessories, pets, etc. Those are the positive parts of it 🙂


My store and stocks

gala stories

Multitask mission for unlocking new locations

The only thing that I don’t like is that in Closet, you have a recycle bin button, it’s hard to see and you can click it by mistake. The problem is that you can’t restore the clothes from recycle bin. You can use it even if they are in recycle bin, but you can’t restore them from there.

So, if you wanna play it, check GalaStories link:

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