Deadpool movie review

One of the most wanted movies of the year was recently launched. As you know, it is Deadpool. What is the first word that comes into your mind when you heard about Deadpool? MADNESS!!! The whole movie was a madness in the best sens of the word: nonsense violence, nudity, dirty vocabulary.. and of course lot of funny situations.



The movie tells the story of how Wade Winston Wilson became the antihero Deadpool. Wide is a sexy, talkative and narcissistic guy,  an ex-soldier who became mercenary, one of the well-known mercenaries. He also has a girlfriend,  Vanessa Carlysle, a prostitute at a nightclub.

All were good in Wade’s life until he finds out that he has cancer in terminal stage. Vanessa is tries to find all the hospital that could cure him of cancer, but he refuse, until is “recruited” by a “man in black” who pretends not only to cure his cancer, but give him superhuman powers too. He decide to give a chance to this operation which proved to be a continue torture. This torture activates his supernatural powers… His cancer spread through all his body and loses his beautiful face and body, but he became immortal. Wade is ashamed of his look and he’s affraid to vist Vanessa because of it. Now his purpose is to get back his Playboy look and to visit Vanessa after that.

The doctor who give Wade immortality, Francis Freeman a.k.a.”Ajax” proved to be a weapon genius and very sadist pretending that he could bring back the beautiful face to Wade, even thou he knew it was impossible. After a long chain of crimes, Wade, who became Deadpool already, finds Francis and they start a pointless fight. Deadpool is helped by 2 X-men members: Collossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (her power is fire). This battle is full of funny moments, like all the movie, “breaking the forth wall”, etc. I let you see the movie and find out the interesting moments and the end of the fight 😉

I recommend this movie for every Deadpool fan and for everyone who wants to see a good comedy/action movie! I love it and hope to see it more often! The good point is that the movie is uncensored so you can see it in all its beauty! Enjoy it! 🙂

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