10 Cursed Objects That Actually EXIST!

People have always been attracted to the weird and the occult. There’s just something about scary stories that attracts people. And most scary stories are fiction, so people take confort in the idea that the things within the story never existed.

But what happens when they actually did?

Well, not all horror stories are based in fiction and some of the objects that make those stories so scary actually EXIST in our world today. While it might be tempting for many people to simply dismiss these objects as the work of superstition, the documented circumstances surrounding those object are way too compelling to deny  that something more.. sinister might be at play.

So, here are 15 Terrifying cursed object that actually exist.

10. Maori Warrior Masks


The Maori warriors lived long ago in New Zeeland and used to carve out masks and statues before heading into battle. According to the Maori belief system, any man who died in battle would live his soul behind one of the masks.Oddly, although the masks seem to pose no threat to men, it was find that over time women that were pregnant that came close to the masks, suffered complications. Several exist Museum of New Zeeland today, but are displayed with a warning that women that are expecting child should not come close to the masks for their own safety and the safety of the child. It was never explained why the perceived curse only seem to affect pregnant women, but is best not to take it only as a superstition because it not worth the risk.


9. Myrtles Plantation Mirror


Myrtles Plantation is one of the most haunted places in the world and perhaps the most haunted object on the premises is a mirror that was added to the home in 1980. Legend claims that the mirror contains the spirits of Sarah Woodruff and her children, who were poisoned to death on the premises. Guests of the plantation have reported figures lurking in the mirror and child-size hand prints on the glass. But mirrors have always been the subject of the supernatural and have been known to harbor evil spirits, so feel free to remember that next time you walk by one in the middle of the night.

8. Busby’s Stoop Chair

This notorious chair once belong to convicted murderer Thomas Busby. Before he was hanged for his crimes, his final request was to have a meal at his favorite local pub. Upon finishing his meal, he stood and proclaimed: “May sudden death come to everyone dares to sit in my chair!”. Since then 63 people that sat at that chair met their untimely deaths, some mere moments after siting in it. When the number of deaths became too coincidental, the pub owner donate the chair to  the Thrisk Museum in UK in 1972. The chair is still there today where is hung 1.5 meters off of the ground to prevent any further coincidences.

7. The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is the most famous cursed diamond in the world. This 45.5 carat diamond was formed in the earth 1.1 billion tears ago and since his discovery it has been owned by several notable people, including a few kings. As it’s passed from owner to owner, country to country, the diamond has been known to be plagued with a curse  that cause great misfortune to the one who posses it. Those who have owned it have suffered disgrace, divorce, suicide, imprisonment, torture and financial ruin. It currently is in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum  in Washington DC  where it’s observable by the public. The diamond is never loaned out for any reason given his value of 250 million dollars and also so that it can never harm other living persons.

6. The Besano Vase

The Besano vase was made from carved silver in the 15th century by an Italian maiden on that very night. That very same night she was found murdered, cluching the vase. after her death, the vase was passed on from family member to family member with each dying an untimely death until, eventually, the vase was hidden away. Unfortunately, the vase was discovered again in 1988, with a nothe that read: “Beware, this vase brings death!”. The chain of deaths continued with each new owner, claiming more and more lives. It was even offered to multiple museums, each refusing to take it because of the perceived curse on it. It’s unclear where it is now, but is believed to be buried in a lead coffin somewhere that is not accessible, at least for the living..

5. The Dybbuk box

In 2001, a man named Kevin Mannis purchased a wine cabinet and immediatly started having terrible nightmares, as did the people around him. He decided to give away the cabinet to his mother who had a stroke the same day she received it. Each owner had horrible events upon coming in the possession of the cabinet. Its last owner, Jason Haxson developed a strange skin disease among other medical conditions. Thw origins of the box were traced back to a Holocaust survivor and its believed to be possessed by a Dybbuk, an evil spirit of Jewish mythology. Upon learning this, Haxson , with the help of local Rabbis, decided to hide the box from the rest of the world. But the legend still lives and it was inspiration for the 2012 movie “The Possession”

4. Anna Baker’s Wedding dress

In the mid 1800s, a young girl named Anna Baker, who came from a wealthy family, fell in love with a low-class iron worker. They plan the wedding and she even bought a dress, but when her father discover the relationship, he forbid the wedding. From that point on she refused to marry anyone else and spent the rest of her life alone, bitter and angry until her death in 1914. That wedding dress was since been put on display in her old bedroom in The Baker mansion. It’s often observed moving by itself which could be attributed to a draft or something, except the fact that it’s in a airtight glass case. Some believe that is Anna’s spirit inhabiting the dress dancing her wedding dance that she never had while she was living.

3. The Crying Boy Painting

“The Crying Boy” was created by Italian artist Giovanni Bragolin in the 1950s and quickly became famous.. or should I say infamous. Over the years, the painting became very popular and thus, mass produced and was hung in many homes across UK. However, it soon became highly reported that many of this homes began mysteriously catching fire with many of them burning to the ground. The most disturbing thing is that in many of those homes, the painting of the crying boy was discovered untouched by the raging flames. Now some attribute these fires to pure coincidence , but the undamaged paintings have yet to be explained. I think the real mystery is why so many people wanted a pictures of a crying boy in their homes.

2. The Hands  Resist Him Painting

Painted by artist Bill Stoneham, “The Hands Resist Him” is considered worlds most haunted  pieces of art.  Each owner passed on a similar warning to the next potential buyer which is that when the night comes, the figures within the painting either move or disapear entirely. Many people that have simply viewed the painting had complained about immediately feeling sick or weak. According to the artist, the doorway represents a threshold between this world and another. The most striking coincidence documented is that the owner of the first gallery to ever show the painting and the art critic that review it both died between one year of first seeing it. And I don’t know if looking at the copies have same effects or not, but if it does…oops, sorry!

1. Annabelle, the doll


Annabelle was originally discovered in an antic shop in 1970. After being purchased as a gift, from a mother, to her daughter, Donna, strange things occurred. Upon receiving it and bring it home, she noticed that, over time, the doll would appear in other rooms that she did not put it.  In addition, little notes begin appearing around her appartment, randomly and fresh droplets of blood would appear on dolls dress. As the unexplained phenomenon increased, the girl finally contacted renowned psychic investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who determined that the doll was possessed by a demon. The doll was given to the Warrens who put it in a glass cabinet whre reamins to this day in their occult museum in Conneticut. The sign of the glass reads: “Warning! positively do not open!”

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