Art of Nadia Strelkina



Because the Christmas will be in only 3 days (Yay!!! Can’t wait for it!), I thought it will be a good reason to show to you the angelic creations of Nadia Strelkina to bring a smile on your faces and the happiness in your hearts.

Nadia Strelkina is a well known traditional artist in Russia and abroad. She won the “Best artist of the year” for the series “the Melody of Angels” (from which I chosen these pictures). Through her art, she wants to show the delicacy, beauty and harmony, the ideal of Russian woman.


Peace on Earth




Angel with harp

For more of Nadia Strelkina’s art:

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Art of Carlos-Quevedo



Meet Carlos Quevedo, a young graphic artist from Valencia, Venezuela. He started as an illustrator in advertising, but now he is creating his own style.

Combining mythology and theology, he succeeded in bringing to life  ancient gods, warriors and angels so we can marvel at there beauty.

I love his creations because it  gives life to all of my favorite mythological characters like Raphael, Gabrielle, the story of Eden and many other angels.




Warror Ange Gabrielle


Eden II

For more of his creations, visit

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My beautiful city

Because the holidays  are approaching, I thought today was a good day to visit with my boyfriend, the little Christmas fair that has started in our town. So I saw this as a good opportunity to share some pictures from my city. There is no snow in this pictures, but it hasn’t started snowing, which is really weird for this time of the year.

This is Oradea Town hall, the city where I’m from , just ready for Christmas. I like the big red bow :))

And this is the Black Eagle Palace, where all the expensive and high life clubs are. Oradea is a very active city at night 😉

And here is our  medieval Fortress, it’s from the XI century. At first it was just a fortified Church builded by King Ladislau, a Hungarian king.

This is Queen Maria Theater with its beautiful statutes and some of the surrounding buildings. The architecture is very detailed, in a eclectic style (Baroque, secession, modern, and many others). The old parts of the city were design by Hungarians and Austrians architects.

And at the end it’s me :), i just had to take some pics of me, I hope you like them.

If you want to know more about my city just leave a comment. Soon I will add more pictures and history from my city.


































































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From Paris with love:*


First time I fell in love with Paris. Some pics from when I was travelling. I miss that city so much… That’s way I thought of uploading these pics for my first entry in this blog.


And now a little about me because it’s rude  not introduce myself. I’m  Alexa, a girl from Romania who likes to write about a lot of things. I had to contemplate so many time about starting this blog, you know I’m worried about what other will think about my ideas, but I had to start somewhere, so this is it.


Last year, I had the most wonderful adventure. My boyfriend and I went on a trip through Europe, we had to live in a van, but it worth it. This experience changed my life and my perspective about the world. I found interesting people, I learned the habits from each country, specific dishes, etc. So in the first pages of this blog I will try to share my adventure with you.

I hope you will like the stories that I’m about to tell you. I will write as often as I can.

Please wish me luck :*

P.S. Let me know in the comment section which is the city that you love the most or you want to visit and why.

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