Juvenoia, every generations problem



The problem with youth today, some may say, is that they are too impulsive, too violent, too needy and thinks that it’s entitled to everything. But is this really the truth?

This fear, paranoia, that old people have for the young it is best described by a term introduced by sociologist David Finkelhor and it is called Juvenoia and it affects every generation, not just this one.

Last generation had the same opinion  as this generation for example: music today it’s viewed as being too provocative, but this was the same case that the old generation. They thought about Elvis Presley with his erotic dance moves or Rolling Stones with their rebel lifestyle or KISS with their noisy song and weird make-up.

Every generation thinks that they are not so conservative as the old generation, but not that provocative as the young generation. Its called the “Goldilocks Effect”, my generation is perfect the others are wrong.

As a consequence of this effect, the young generation is being forced to walk on a path already created in stead of creating its own. How can we get rid of old and destructive habits if we impose them on the new generation?

But the old people should just relax and stop fearing todays youth. Not the teens are the problem, but the leans throw which we see the world is the problem. Let the young generation find their way.

For more information about Juvenoia visit http://www.unh.edu/ccrc/pdf/Juvenoia%20paper.pdf

Source of photos: Dave Simons, The Economist; and Time Magazine.

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